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Sniffing out Human Blood

The image that sharks are monsters is often ‘backed’ by statements saying if you’re bleeding then you can’t enter the water – unless you want to be eaten…

This isn’t true.

Image taken on a pelagic Freedive off the coast of O’ahu, Hawaii.

Whilst sharks do have an incredible sense of smell and can distinguish chemicals in large bodies of water, this doesn’t mean they want to hunt out human blood. Steve Kajiura of Florida Atlantic Unvieristy Shark Lab states that sharks are searching for their prey’s scent, not human blood. Our blood would simply be ‘noise’ amongst the other mixture of scents in the ocean. Sharks may smell you and detect your presence, but they don’t want you.


So this myth shouldn’t stop you from getting in the water – remember humans are much bigger killers than sharks will ever be! We need to change perceptions and conserve these incredible species – without them marine ecosystems will collapse.


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Thanks for reading!

Em x

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