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Convenience or Necessity?

Plastic pollution is a ‘planetary crisis’ (UN, 2017), and it isn’t selective in who it will effect. Remote islands that don’t contribute to the mass of marine debris will still be affected, and we will quickly lose marine species to the hands of plastic bags, straws and fishing lines. This is a stark contrast to the image of plastic 100+ years ago, where it was seen as a revolutionary material. Plastic was mass produced by the 1950s and has been used in many brilliant ways; it allowed the creation of disposable medical syringes, plastic pill casings, hearing aids, and even heart valves. However, the industrialization of plastic led it to be used for everything, from clothing, cutlery, food packaging, bags, electronics… the list goes on. Modern culture is now dependant on plastic, of which the majority has a very short use lifetime.

It’s this single-use plastic which is used for minutes and then discard which is causing the problem. Plastic cutlery, straws and coffee cups were made for our convenience, however we need look at the big picture.

The good thing is that on the whole, we don’t NEED the single-use plastics. We don’t NEED to use plastic forks and knives to eat, to use a straw to drink, or have a new cup every time we want to buy a drink when we are out. So if we all start to make a conscious effort we can stop the Tidal Waves of Plastic Pollution which will soon flood our lives.

One thing you can do is to think what did we do before plastic was invented? Sometimes the ‘old’ way may not be suitable for our lives now, but there are so many products out there which are aimed at saving the environment AND making our lives easier that we can all make the switch to ditch plastic.

This is the first post in a series about easy tips and tricks on how to reduce your plastic footprint. Please give my blog a follow if you’d like to know more & hear about some great eco-friendly products!

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