Conservation plastic pollution

Smoking & Plastic Pollution

When we think about plastic pollution, cigarettes may not be the first thing we think of. However, cigarettes are the most abundant type of marine litter (Ocean Conservancy, 2018), and the majority of cigarettes have filters which contain tiny plastic particles.

In fact, data shows that during beach clean ups in 2017 ~640,000 straws and stirrers were collected, but an outstanding 2.4 MILLION cigarette butts were picked up (Ocean Conservancy, 2018). This equates to enough cigarettes to stretch out across 5 marathons…

In addition to cigarettes littering the oceans, they also contain toxic carcinogenic chemicals which are highly harmful for marine life.

Sadly, seeing beautifully clean beaches like this is becoming a rare sight due to plastic pollution and marine litter. If we all make small changes, they will add up to make a big difference.

So please when you’re making an effort to reduce your plastic usage, also remember to dispose of cigarettes appropoatly if you smoke. Remember that most things that are left on the streets, parks or beaches will most likely end up in our oceans!

Let’s work together to try and protect our environment for future generations and safeguard marine species.




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