About Me

Photographer: Jono Allen

I’m a recent BSc Environmental Science graduate from the University of Leeds (UK) with a strong underlying passion for the ocean and drive to help safeguard ecosystems.

I’ve created this page to help communicate conservation issues, topics of interest, and my travels across the globe. I have spent most of my life in England, but I was born in Hong Kong and have since lived and travelled across other amazing countries.

The marine world has resonated with me since I was a child, and although I’m not entirely sure why my interest for it developed, I am increasingly passionate about conserving the underwater world and to learn more.

As a PADI Divemaster, Freediver and (very very amateur) Surfer I try to incorporate as much of the ocean into my everyday life as possible and believe this really gives me respect for the ocean and its power.

To date, I have work experience as a Marine Scientist / Dive guide in Honduras, Madagascar, Hawaii, Australia and hope to continue to add to my experience.

If you’d like to follow me on my travels, or maybe learn something new about environmental conservation, please give my blog a follow 🙂

Thanks for reading, Em xxx

“No blue, no green – no ocean, no life support system’- Sylvia Earle